If you have been dropped from the course, then you won't be able to download your certificate from the course certificate page. We implemented a new certificate feature to allow users to download their certificates. However, the certificates you have received before we implemented this feature may not be included. Going forward, certificates you receive can be downloaded from your "My certificates" page. To get to your "My certificates" page,

  1. Click on "My Courses"
  2. Click on "Profile" listed under your name.
  3. Under the "Miscellaneous" heading, click "My Certificates."

If your course is not listed, but you have successfully completed the course, you can go to www.mtecp.org to obtain proof of successful completion.


To have proof that you have completed the course(s), you'll need to go to the Montana Early Childhood Project (https://www.mtecp.org/) and go into My Professional Development Record. From there, look up your account and you should be able to view your "Approved Training List" (which will show that you completed the course(s). The course(s) listed on this document are valid and prove to the state that you have completed the training. Use this list in place of your certificate(s).