is designed to help early childhood professionals advance their professional development through distance learning opportunities. reserves the right to refuse a student credit if it is believed that the student did not complete his or her own work. While it is acceptable for students to discuss the course content materials in teams or groups, the quizzes and activities are designed to be completed on an INDIVIDUAL basis, sharing the student's unique thoughts and experiences. The purpose of the course activities is to demonstrate to the instructor that the student understands the material and has applied the concepts to their own professional practice. Even if students are enrolled in the same course and work together at the same child care facility, training experience reveals that each student will have different learning experiences than their peers. will not give credit if it is clear that the student did not complete the required work individually.

If believes that a student did not complete the learning activities on their own, or a student submitted similar or identical answers as another student, we will request that the student's activity responses be resubmitted to demonstrate individual learning. In the resubmission, the student must provide new, individualized answers. If the student resubmits satisfactory answers, credit will be awarded for the course.

Child Care Training expects students to monitor their grades. It is not the responsibility of Childcare Training or of the facilitators to notify a student if they didn't pass. Students have access to their grades and all facilitator comments in the grade book. They also have access to their completion certificate once the class is complete.